1 day Bimini or Freeport Bahamas cruise

1 Day Bahamas Cruise ONLY $121, NO HIDDEN FEES, from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Grand bahama Island.

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When it come to one day cruises, most people think of the Famous Bahamas cruises that leave from South Florida. These one day Tropical Island cruises leave from all points south Florida, like, Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Everglades and Cruise Port of Miami.

1 day Freeport trip | 1 day Bimini trip

1 day Freeport, Bahamas Cruise

One day Bahamas cruises are fast, fun, and inexpensive.

The Islands in the Bahamas that they visit are the 2 Bahamas Islands closest to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, which are, Freeport Grand Bahama Island and Bimini Island respectively.

Ok, so those are the country’s most popular types of one day cruises, but not the only type of "day cruises". California has it's Catalina Island Cruise, Lake Michigan has it's Cruise ferries just to name a few.

1 Day Bahamas cruise, rates starting at $99 plus tax per person, for details

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Cruise to Freeport Bahamas, from Fort Lauderdale

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Stay on the island for a while longer? choose one of our exciting Freeport Bahamas resort packages.

  • Check in starts at 5;00 am and the doors close at 7: 00 am
  • So get to Port Everglages no later than 6:30 am
  • Leaves from Fort Lauderdale at 8:00 AM
  • Gets to Freeport Grand Bahama at 11:30 AM
  • Leaves Freeport at 6:30pm
  • Returns to Fort Lauderdale at 10:00 PM
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Departure Point- Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

South Florida is a great place to visit and even better to live, and one of the many things that makes it even greater is the proximity to many tropical and sub-tropical islands. So if you're planning a long vacation, a normal vacation, a mini-vacation, a birthday, a wedding, an important meeting, an incentive group, or any special event, you might want to consider a nice cruise to Grand Bahama Island. Book a hotel on the island and stay for a few days. Also book a great hotel room here in south Florida so you can relax and enjoy the area before your departure for the cruise, then when you get back from the cruise, Stay here for a few more days.

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1 day Bimini trip | 1 day Freeport trip

1 day Bimini, Bahamas Cruise

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one day cruise from Miami to Bimini Bahamas or
Cruise to Stay™ in Bimini, Bahamas

One Day Bahamas Cruise to Freeport Grand Bahama Island or
Cruise to Stay™ in Freeport, Bahamas

Either way you will enjoy a tropical Bahamas getaway in Freeport Grand Bahama Island or Bimini Bahamas

Bimini day cruise from Miami

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1 day Bimini, Bahamas day trip

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  • Checkin starts at 5:30 am. You must arrive at Cruise Port of Miami no later than 8am
  • Leaves Miami at 9:00 am
  • Gets to Bimini, Bahamas at 11:00 am
  • Leaves Bimini at 6:00 pm
  • Gets to Port of Miami at 8:00 pm